Queen Size Box Spring

A queen size box spring is usually available with a bed that is queen size with dimensions of 60×80 inches and a bed frame that should be slightly bigger so that it can support the bed. The box spring is one of the features of a queen size bed and just as the queen size bed is important for people, in the same way the features of this bed are also important so that people can make the best purchase of these beds. It is also important to have a clear idea about the features of the queen size bed so that the best bed can be chosen for the room. Apart from the box spring, people should also have a clear understanding of the other features of the queen size bed such as the mattress, the footboard and the headboard. However, it has to be noticed in this respect that there are different types of queen size beds available in the market and all the types might not have the same features that might be found in the other. There are platform queen size beds that do not contain a box spring but they do have a mattress. The most important thing to be considered while buying a queen size bed is the bed frame because the bed frame supports the bed and the owner of the bed and therefore it should be strong enough.

Queen Size Box SpringThe mattress and the box spring

The mattress of a queen size bed should be as thick as twenty inches and should also contain a box spring unless it is a platform bed. TheĀ Queen Size Box Spring is actually a wooden frame that is filled with wires and coils that are spaced evenly. The box springs and the mattresses come in sets and are also sold with the bed. The owner of the bed should always try to purchase a box spring that is suitable for the mattress of the bed so that he does not have to face any complications.

The working of the box spring

The queen size box spring that is meant for a queen size bed consists of dense fabric that is found around the sides of the box spring and even on the top so that there are no loose wires that stick out of the spring. It is also very important to check the construction of the box spring by checking the underside of the queen size box spring. The coils or the sires used in the box spring should be spaced evenly. The box spring should also have a corner guard that would avoid the wearing away of the fabric of the box spring as it continuously rubs against the frame of the bed.

Testing the mattress and the box spring

Lying on the mattress is considered to be the best way to test the mattress and the box spring. There are many stores where the salesmen encourage buyers to lie on the mattresses so that the quality of the mattresses and the box springs can be checked. This is one of the marketing strategies of these stores but it also works for the customers because lying on the mattress gives them an idea about the quality of the mattress and at the same time the comfort provided by the mattress and the box spring. The mattress and the box spring should be checked for the alignment of the spine and the support that it provides to the entire body. It is also a good idea to go for the purchase of a firm mattress because it would get softened with time. As far as theĀ Queen Size Box Spring is concerned, the seams of the box spring should be straight and tight. The box spring should also possess firm quilting and at the same time it should also be kept in mind that there is no fraying in the box spring. The handles of the box spring should also be very strong so that they can help in turning the mattress quite safely and easily.

The bedroom size is a big factor

The bedroom size is a big factor that requires consideration while choosing a queen size bed because such beds are quite large and it would turn out to be very frustrating for the owner if he is not able to move around the room because of the large size of the bed. Easy access within the room is very important and therefore the room should be large enough to accommodate the bed and at the same time give easy access and movement to the people living inside the room.